Rock Springs, WY

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We thought this was a great town! We parked the rv at the Sweetwater Events Complex and Fairgrounds. They have a campground with over 1200 full hook-up sites for $25 a night. It is just a large stone covered field, but with that price, we couldn’t complain. There was lots to do right at the Event Complex. It seemed like horse racing and stock car races were going on a regular basis, along with other events. While we were there, they had a square dance competition, with a large section of the campground set up for them. We were planning on heading up to the Yellowstone/Grand Teton area next, but since we were approaching Eclipse Day, we chose to find some things to do in the area and avoid the huge crowds that were heading to the totality area.


We took a day trip south, into Utah, to the Flaming Gorge National Rec Area. Such a gorgeous drive! We drove highway 191 south which takes you down one side of the gorge and thru a high dessert landscape. We stopped all along the way in the pull-offs to take pictures and enjoy the view. We went down as far as Hwy. 44, stopping at the Flaming Gorge Dam on the way before turning back. You can keep going and travel back up the other side of the gorge also. We did a little scouting the Federal Rec Area’s campgrounds and seen some possible areas to do some boon-docking if we get back thru that way again.


Eclipse Day arrived and since we didn’t pick up any viewing glasses, we attempted to make some homemade viewers. Not such a great view! We knew the Events Complex was having a viewing party, so we went to check it out. They had free glasses for us and a nice crowd to share the experience. Although we only seen the eclipse at 96 %, it was still quite cool. We were amazed at the temperature drop in a short period of time and surprised it didn’t get darker when the eclipse was at it’s fullest. Maybe next eclipse we will choose to see totality, would be quite an experience!

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