Our new rv setup

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Well, we set out looking for a 5th wheel trailer as our new fulltime setup, but we ended up finding it hard to give up the convenience of a motorhome. It’s just so nice to be able to pull over anywhere you can find and put the rv in park and your set up good enough to take a break.  We were also having a hard time finding a 5th wheel trailer and a 1 ton truck in our area that we liked and could afford. In Wisconsin trucks tend to start to rust after 7 years or so and we really didn’t want that. We did look into buying a truck from the south or west, but the prices were high on most and its a gamble to try buying something online without being able to see it in person without spending a lot on travel expenses and the possibility of disappointment when you do get there. Our price range on a 5th wheel trailer put us in the 5 year old midrange units and the ones we looked at in our area were either pretty rough looking or were more built for camping not full time living. So we kept finding ourselves looking back at motorhomes.

After deciding we were going back to the motorhome plan I had seen a few RV rental companies that sold off their fleets after the units reached  5 or 6 years old and around 95,000 – 110,000 miles at pretty steep price reductions compared to the open market used rvs I was seeing. I thought wow, that’s some high miles, no way do I want one of these. But then after reading posts online from new owners of these units and how they received all the maintenance records from day 1, and how pleased they were with the units I actually started to reconsider. In the end we couldn’t find a unit that would work for us near by, but this might be a option to look into for some people.

We ended up finding a 2005 Itasca Cambria 26A near us on Craigslist. It is in nice shape and a good size for the 2 of us. It is a bit tight on storage space, but we are dealing with that just fine. We first thought we would start out not towing a car and see how that would work. We had thought if we got into areas that we wanted to explore we could just rent a car for a few days and work it out that way.  We also considered hauling a 2 person scooter on the back and a few other ideas, but ended up going with a tow dolly and pulling our car that we currently had. A tow dolly might not be the perfect setup, but for now it works well for us. I got the loading and unloading down pretty well, about 10 min putting it on, and 5 min off, so not too bad. This way, we can pretty much tow any car with us without having to pay for expensive car specific setup. The dolly is a 1 year old Demco Kar Kaddy 3 with surge disc brakes. I was a bit worried about towing the car behind the rig, but after our first days with it I’m finding it to not be a problem at all.

So, this is our home for now. Things may change in time but right now we like it. Happy travels!

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