Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Rv product review

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Mr Heater Portable Buddy Full time Rv review.

We have always camped in our motorhome in cooler weather and when cold we would just turn on our built in furnace and in a few minutes it would rise the temperature to a comfortable level. We could usually go close to a full camping season on one or two tank of propane depending on how late into the camping season we would go. We never really gave it much thought on alternative ways of heating our motorhome.
Now that we are living full time in our rv we see a few problems with the built in furnace. One of the problems is the furnace fan. It is very noisy and also uses a lot of battery power. If you are boon docking off the power grid, just one night of cold weather and you could wake up to low battery power if the heat was running a lot. We have two large 12v deep cycle house batteries and the fan draws the batteries down pretty fast. We have to run the generator for recharging daily when running the furnace at night.

After doing some research on what other full-timers use we decided to try the Mr heater Portable Buddy heater. It seemed to be loved by most of the rvers that blog or have left reviews on other sites. We also liked that it was very light weight & portable and has a small footprint. When I first seen that it ran on propane, I was hesitant about using the Mr Heater Portable Buddy indoors, but after reading the manufacturers description and user reviews that it has a Low-oxygen safety shut-off , and tip-over safety shut-off I felt safe to use it indoors. We have not had any problems running it in our motor home. We have not had any gas smell and never had our carbon monoxide detector make a sound.

We have been using our Mr Heater Portable Buddy heater for awhile now that its cooler at night. Boy is this thing great! All you do is get a few of them green 1 lbs propane tanks and screw one on to the Mr Heater Portable Buddy and turn the switch to pilot and push the knob down to ignite and you will hear a click sound and the pilot will be lit. Then you turn it to low or hi and the ceramic pad will start to glow orange and you will feel the radiant heating comfort. Low setting is 4,000 and hi is 9,000-BTU/HR output. That’s a pretty good punch for such a small unit. It keeps our small 26′ rv comfortable without much effort. If you have a large motorhome or 5th wheel you might want to go with it’s big brother Mr Heater Portable Big Buddy heater. That one is about twice as large, but puts out twice the heat 18,000-BTU /HR and has a fan. We picked the smaller one for our little rv, But if you have the space and need the extra heat I would pick the Big buddy. You can also buy a accessory hose to connect to a large 20 lb. propane tank or rig it up to your built in tank and not have to worry about changing the 1 lb. tanks all the time.

In my opinion, If you are going to use your rv for boon docking, the Mr Heater Portable Buddy heater is a great option if your having problems keeping your batteries charged or just want great heat without all the noise of your furnace fan.



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