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A few years ago, Rich said to me, “Let's just buy an rv, quit our jobs and hit the road.” We had a blast imaging all the places we could see, all the things we could do, and how fulfilling life could be to live a freer lifestyle. So,we began to research. We found others out there living liked we were envisioning. We saw so many ways people were able to earn income remotely. The more we learned about the full-time Rv lifestyle, the more excited we became about this idea, and the more we realized that this is a dream we could achieve.

I am sure some thought us crazy when we told them about our newest, grand idea. Most people our age are busy working 40 hour a week jobs, saving for retirement, and living for the weekend, which is great for most people. But we were looking for more. Life is too short and we decided that it was time to make this happen.

The last couple years have been spent planning and working towards our goal.

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